Resurrection Impact

When Resurrection launched in 1990, leaders asked, “What would it look like if a church looked beyond their walls and made a commitment to making a significant difference in their community?”

Today, that impact looks like:

Food Collection & Distribution

We collect 64 tons of food each year, which we distribu­te through our partnership with 19 food pantries located throughout the Kansas City area.

Blood Donation

The Resurrection community has given 32,173 pints of blood through the blood drives we hold at our churches every quarter, which has impacted nearly 65,000 lives.

Global Mission Partnerships

Hundreds of people participate in trips to Malawi, Honduras, Haiti, and South Africa each year to promote health, education, food security and economic development in those contexts.

One of our most important commitments is to invest in children who are the future of our community.

From the beginning of our church 30 years ago, dedicated volunteers have found creative ways to partner with local schools. Last year that meant:

A Bookmobile that provided 73,332 books to more than 31,000 students throughout Kansas City.
Support to 9 different partner schools, including more than 9,500 hours of tu­toring and other classroom incentives.
More than 48,000 backpacks filled with nutritious food for students to take home with them over the weekend.


Here are ways you can get involved: